Laser Decay Diagnosis

Laser technology is becoming increasingly widespread in many areas of the healthcare industry. But did you know that it is now also used in diagnosing dental decay? 

At Briarwood Family Dentistry in Aurora, Colorado, Dr. Mehlhoff uses a small, handheld gadget to easily detect tooth decay that would otherwise go undetected using traditional procedures and provide more accurate diagnosis and better treatments for our patients. 

Benefits of Laser Decay Diagnosis

When Dr. Mehlhoff uses laser technology instead of traditional techniques, identifying tooth decay becomes considerably more accurate and efficient. Laser technology allows Dr. Mehlhoff to:

  • Significantly improve cavity detection and make the procedure more comfortable for you
  • Prevent cavities from spreading and affecting the tooth further, thus cutting your dental costs 
  • Reduce the risk of more complex dental issues caused by the untimely treatment of dental cavities 

How Laser Decay Diagnosis Works

To detect tooth decay, Dr. Mehlhoff uses minimally invasive laser technology to scan your teeth and assess their structure. Laser decay detection works based on the principle that a healthy tooth structure reflects light differently from a decayed tooth structure. Healthy teeth will have little to no fluorescence, whereas decayed teeth will have a higher level of fluorescence indicating that tooth decay has progressed. 

Following the completion of the scan, Dr. Mehlhoff will plan your treatment and walk you through the next steps required to restore your tooth structure and dental health. 

Laser Decay Diagnosis at Briarwood Family Dentistry 

In some cases, tooth decay may not be very apparent, and detecting it early on, before it affects the integrity of your tooth structure, may be difficult even when using X-rays. Using laser technology to detect tooth decay has greatly increased the precision of this procedure, making it up to 90% more accurate. 

Laser technology has also increased the level of comfort we can offer patients while assessing their oral health and allowed us to provide more convenient and cost-effective preventive treatments for tooth decay instead of complex and more expensive treatments after the decay has progressed. 

To learn more about the benefits of laser decay diagnosis, contact Briarwood Family Dentistry in Aurora, Colorado at (303) 680-6000 or 15901 E Briarwood Cir #350, Aurora, CO 80016.


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